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This is a free service and information/details will NOT be visible to the general public.

Step 1. Use the link below to sign up to receive the “search password” to view other artist information. This will be given in a confirmation email. To submit your own listing you will need to login with a user name and a different password. This password will be set by you. There are 2 passwords in use so don’t mix them up..

Step 2. IMPORTANT, READ THIS After login you can submit a listing. Include the following information.

Company name, main description, short description, tags (which show you will be at etc), region, category (material area), contact details, website, social info, location and up to 5 photos to total no more than 2.0MB. There are instructions by each of these categories, please follow the guidance.

Direct your responses as though you are speaking directly to the Gallery owner. You should be already supplying to galleries. Eg, Price ranges, which products you sell BOR/SOR, MOQs etc

Most of my communication with artists is when they have ignored some or all of the above. There is a help section in the footer. Please use this before making contact to resolve your issues. Failure to follow these simple steps could prevent your listing from being published.

Feel free to contact:

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