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This is a free service to those artists who want to be seen by galleries/retailers. It is kept free as we work collaboratively. You let a couple of galleries know about the site to spread the word then it snowballs to allow many galleries to be able to see your work. Don’t see it as competition but collaboration. The more artists that join up then the more galleries see your work. Feel free to let other artists know as this in turn helps you.

If 100 artists are listed then potentially 200 galleries will see your work for the supply of 2 gallery names.

Step 1. Use the link below to sign up.

Step 2. Submit a listing. Include the following information.

Company name, main description, short description, tags (which show you will be at etc), region, category (material area), contact details, website, social info, location and up to 5 photos to total no more than 2.0MB.

There are instructions by each of these categories, please follow the guidance.

Step 3. THIS IS IMPORTANT. After submitting you MUST tell galleries about the site.

You can email/telephone at least 2 galleries. You do not have to be with them but it will be better if you contact your current galleries as you will already have a rapport with them.

Let me know who you have contacted as this will then allow you listing to be approved. FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH THIS SIMPLE REQUEST WILL NOT GET YOUR LISTING APPROVED. Do not continue if you are not willing to spread the word in this manner.

Ideally, you should be already supplying to galleries. There is no need to use gallery specific language. Assume that they work on a roughly 50% commission basis but you can discuss your terms personally if approached.

Feel free to contact: (but do check the help section first)

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