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Artist signup is ONLY required to submit your listing with all your company details etc. for galleries to see.

Wondering why you can’t see your listing? Please ensure you have adhered to the instructions and terms and conditions. No galleries supplied = no approval. Show how professional you are by checking yourself and not relying on the admin to do it for you.

Clicking the link downloads a “Word” document.

To reduce image size use free software like GIMP or apps like Resize me or Canva (create and save a Facebook post by uploading, modifying and downloading as a .jpg file).

If you find the help sheets do not match up exactly to what you want to do just let me know as the app is being used is constantly being tweaked. I can then provide the latest level of help.

Add an additional signature to your email:

Copy/paste the following or edit to suite your needs and add to your email signature

“Have you heard of Meet thy Maker? It’s a new website with a mission to connect high quality artists/makers to galleries. Galleries can view artists/makers which can be filtered by material and region. It’s free to use  Your details are never published to anyone. It is merely for introduction. You can contact the artist directly with the information they list, via their website and contact details.”

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