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You will need a password to see the artists’ details. You will have been invited with a given password or you can sign up to receive one. Use this by clicking on any of the “Search/Region/Material” menu buttons and enter the password. View artists by their material area, region or search a specific artist/keyword.

When shows are back on the scene you will be able to search to see which show an artist is at so you can visit them live.


No sign up required to access the Artist resources and Events calendar

Artist signup is ONLY required to view other artists’ detail by giving access to “Search/Region/Material” features and /or to submit your listing with all your company details etc. for galleries to see. A password will be supplied during sign up to allow this.

Wondering why you can’t see your listing? Please ensure you have adhered to the instructions and terms and conditions. Show how professional you are by checking yourself and not relying on the admin to do it for you.

Clicking the link downloads a “Word” document.

To reduce image size use free software like GIMP or apps like Resize me or Canva (create and save a Facebook post by uploading, modifying and downloading as a .jpg file).

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