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Terms & Conditions

In order for this site to work it depends on galleries knowing about us. After sign up, please contact your galleries to tell them about the project. Let me know who you have contacted so that I do not duplicate the communication. Or please send email addresses, contact names and gallery names and I can follow up.

If you are not already at a gallery please check out the high standard of work of the listed artists and see if you work is equivalent or better. This is a good indication of whether you will be listed. You must have a secure website. i.e. the url begins htpps://

This is a free site. The site cannot ensure that all or any of the information is correct or complete. All links were tested at the time of writing but these can change without notice. (If you come across a broken link please do let me know so it can be corrected). It is your responsibility to check your listing. eg content spelling, email and website links work etc.

Artist/maker information that you supply will only be available to be seen by other artists/makers and gallery/retailers who have signed up and have received the current password.

Only list an item that you are directly responsible for. Only one item to be listed.

No racist, age inappropriate (should be suitable for all ages) political nor sexist listings will be allowed. During admin. approval you may be rejected or requested to modify accordingly.

Listings will be removed at the administrators discretion if any/all terms are not adhered to. As a free site, the use of manners is compulsory. You should correspond to emails requesting further information/clarification.

Name images in the following format “meet-thy-maker {artist name} {artwork name}”. This helps images to be found easier on search engines. 5 maximum and 2.0MB limit for all 5

If you encounter a problem please re-read the emails sent to you, follow the help guide and be patient.

I reserve the right to introduce charges if the site becomes unmanageable hence a 180 day introduction time period is set. At this time you will be requested to renew/modify/update your listing. (It is a lot easier to manage if these T&Cs are followed)

​All information provided comes without any liability whatsoever to you for any choices you make.

There are no customers through the meet-thy -maker website. No items are for sale on this site. All sales negotiations are to be held between artist and gallery owner away from this site.

You may delete your listing at any time through the Artist dashboard or you can email me at requesting deletion of your account. The same address can be used for any complaints and/or to request a customer complaint form.

Be professional. If you can’t follow my terms and conditions why should you follow a gallery’s.

Last but not least. The site works on letting galleries and other artists know about us. Use social media, emails etc to shout out about the site. The more artists there are, the more likelihood galleries will return and follow up on stocking.

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