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If you know of an event, let the organiser know to get in touch with me so I can add to the list.


Please ensure you check with the event organiser that the details are correct and is still going ahead. Meet-thy-maker cannot to be held responsible for any errors.


To make a listing as an event organiser please notify me of any events to be added. As a general rule, the cost to list is the same as your pitch fee for the event. Many thousands of visitors see the site with artists regularly checking the events listings.



Handmade in Britain

Waterperry Gardens Waterperry Gardens, Oxford OX33 1LA, Oxford, Oxfordshire

Over the past 14 years, Handmade in Britain has worked to provide independent designer-makers across the UK with secure and far-reaching channels to connect with customers both old and new. In recent years, not only have we continued to host traditional in-person craft fairs, we have also launched an online marketplace specialising in high-end handmade…

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