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Full time artist for the past 6 years, previous to that I was an art teacher.

I'm completely passionate about painting and although I can paint many forms of art I'm particularly drawn to wildlife. I love the full experience of going out photographing to create my paintings. I've travelled from one end of the country to the other with a strong focus on Shropshire (my hometown - Ludlow) and the Highlands of Scotland. Lately I've been more focused on adapting my work, putting different animals (Gathering collection) together or into different settings ( Ludlow Series), this is due to my need to create my own art story, but still able to tell my customers stories of where I've travelled to obtain each animal or bird. As I've adapted I find that light and colour play an integral part of my work, not changing my subject matter to different colours but enhancing the colours ( Red stag waiting and Rabbit waiting - as examples) and light has played a major part when I decided to do the Ludlow series.

As an expansion of my art work I have my own studio where my husband and I produce all the prints (Canvas and Giclee), mounts and frames ourselves. Up to A2 approx in size. We also have sublimation printers and heat presses making it possible to produce all our gift range. This keeps us totally flexible to producing larger and smaller orders for both public and trade.

For the past few years I've sold at our local craft market and travelled the country trading at Game fairs and Steam rallies. This year coming I also plan to participate in art exhibitions (COVID dependant).

BOR -Normally this is 5- 10 days. 

SOR - This is dependant on distance from our home base. 

MOQ - I've done runs both large and small. Again larger quantities depend on deadline.


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12 Hints Meadow, Coreley, Ludlow, Shropshire, West Midlands, England, SY8 3QU, United Kingdom
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Anita Parkhill

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