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Clay Shed Studio

Contemporary artist working in ceramics, jewellery and mixed media

Artist Stephanie Carlton works under the name Clay Shed Studio. She works across several mediums, primarily ceramics and printmaking/ collage, with a ceramic jewellery range which combine those techniques.

Themes that link across all works are mark marking, repetitive patterns combined with fluid expressive brush marks that explore contrasts in colour, light and shadow or evoke abstracted landscapes.

The ceramics are unique artworks, modern shapes in porcelain and stoneware with layered surface designs, as are the related ceramic jewellery pieces. The individual decorative finish is created using printmaking and resist-layering techniques, along with hand-painting designs onto the pieces.  Her work in printmaking and collage are abstractions that evoke landscapes or scenes of light and contrast, mapping and capturing a moment. Materials such as gold and wax are used in all her work, as an accent to her restricted palette.

She shows and sells through several shops and galleries in the UK and is actively searching for more spaces to exhibit and sell her work.

Prices range from £18-60 for jewellery and £30- £300 for ceramics and mixed media pieces.


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Dickleburgh, South Norfolk, Norfolk, East of England, England, IP21 4PX, United Kingdom
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Stephanie Carlton

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