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Diana Syder Art

Often I paint what is in my life, sometimes I paint what isn't. I move between abstraction and loose figurative work, constantly referring to the moods and weathers of the Derbyshire Peak District (UK) where I live. It's a territory where everything is in flux - there are the lovely rhythms of our hills dissolving and filtering slowly into the rivers that sculpt the deep dales, through the caves and passageways below the rocky surfaces and, ultimately, to the ocean. Below that, the deep core circulation of our planet is continuously building and destroying the landscapes of all our lives. I try to touch this sweeping energy in my paintings.  

Still life too, I regard as landscape, only in this case it's their intimate, interior and contained nature that interests me, the fine balance between security and constraint in the domestic environment. Likewise, I'm constantly looking for the balance between spontaneity and deliberation in the actual making of the work. Overall, while the actual subject of the painting is meaningful to me it’s secondary to the dynamics and moods of the paint itself.


I currently exhibit in Jarva Gallery (Whaley Bridge) The Derwent Gallery (Grindleford) Les Jardins du Coq (France). I run an Artclass locally as well as Mind's Eye art workshops, helping artists access and realise their own imagination in their work .


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St Michael & All Angels, Main Road, Taddington CP, Taddington, Derbyshire Dales, Derbyshire, East Midlands, England, SK17 9TT, United Kingdom
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