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Dog & Swan Ltd

You've not seen me before!

I'm Hayley, and in 2015, I quit my job in marketing for a children's charity and started Dog and Swan in order to see if you all would like my funky, fun, weird and whimsical, quirky and kooky artworks...

I always loved art. My Dad was an artist. When I was little, he would take me to visit art galleries in London. At end of our visits he would take me to the gift shop and ask me to choose a postcard of a painting I particularly liked. When we got home, we'd carefully tape the postcard to my easel, take out some paints and try to copy it. 

Today, my pieces are inspired by favourite poems, books, nursery rhymes, animals and illustrators. I try to inject humor into them, like a saucy seaside postcard, or to upend  situation. Sometimes I just like to be silly.

I hope that Dog and Swan pieces will make you smile, surprise you or trigger a nostalgic memory each time you look at them. Because art pieces should be conversation starters, talking points, so that anyone who comes to your home will also be delighted by them and enjoy them too.

Every piece has a story behind it, if you want to know more about any piece just ask!


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The Burroughs, Hendon Central, London Borough of Barnet, London, Greater London, England, NW4 4AN, United Kingdom
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