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Loudle Design

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I have always had a love for Art and used to doodle in monochrome as a teenager. I revisited my inner self last year 35  years on! Since last putting down my ink by revisiting my love of pen art, taking my designs further by displaying publicly and producing art cards, sketches and fabric art always a daunting step as I feel your art is so much more it is who you are. My designs are varied and my sketches are imaginative from the norm incorporating my take within my personal style typically  inspired from nature and my surroundings, all of my pieces are Eco friendly in keeping with my love of all things beautiful. Here is an example of my work  an 18-inch large circular wall art piece which has been  hand-drawn in ink and then printed onto organic optic half Panama 280gsm cotton material. This piece has then been framed into a classic wooden embroidery ring secured with a tension screw with black wool felt backing finished with  hand stitching.

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