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Roseanna Chetwood Artist

Palette knife artist specialising in a fresh & modern style of animal portrait.

A Little About Me

I'm Roseanna and I specialise in capturing animals on canvas. I love to use palette knives to create a bold, sculptural surface of thick oil paint. The result is a fresh and modern style of animal portrait. I graduated with a degree in Fine Art from the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design back in 2013. Since then I've spent my life painting, honing my skills and searching for my unique style.

My eureka moment came in 2017 when I relented and listened to my Dad's advice to swap my paint brushes in for palette knives; I picked up my first palette knife and my art career took off with my Palette Knife Pets series. There is a lesson to be learnt here... listen to your parents!

Swapping to palette knives allowed me to quickly get an impression down on the canvas. This works well for me as I prefer to paint in one sitting. I'd describe my painting style as more intuitive than calculated and in this way I capture an authentic impression of my subject in that moment. Painting more quickly and intuitively has also freed me to create a larger body of work and experiment more.

I currently live and work at my studio in High Wycombe. I've exhibited at art trails, events and art galleries in the Buckinghamshire and Berkshire areas regularly in the last three years. I've built up a base of art collectors and interest mostly through Instagram, I've sold internationally to America, Canada, France, Netherlands through my online marketing. My artwork has appeared on the high street, one time for a year (2019-2020) in High Wycombe Eden Centre with a shop called Craft Coop, another time with a temporary pop up stall in House of Fraser after they approached me to come to their branch in High Wycombe after seeing my artwork online back in 2018.


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