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Beautiful products and gifts in aluminium. Built to last. Al ittle different.

Products and gifts in aluminium. Generally using planished and polished techniques but also using LASER marking/cutting to create a range… Read More


Tori Tipton

Atmospheric paintings inspired by our emotional connection to the coast and countryside

Tori Tipton is a contemporary landscape painter who lives and works in West Yorkshire. She's at her happiest with walking… Read More


JC Middlebrook

Textile Heritage

An artist working in lace textiles and specialising in digital embroidery, I combine historical influences with contemporary design to create… Read More

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Liz Chaderton

Reconnecting you to the natural world with joy and wonder

I create paintings which help people see the natural world in a new and fresh light. My paintings are full… Read More edition fine art print – Common Tern – £40 each mounted

Clinton Banbury

Art that Makes you Smile

I am a contemporary watercolourist combining fluid and precise brush line work with clear flat washes of colour. My preconceived… Read More


Statement: My work is characterised by dreamlike other worldly natural landscapes. My images are fantasy-like but with a hint of realism… Read More

Corridor (2).tif

Frederick Phillips Art

A Painter for Today who uses the techniques of the past to create the Masterpieces of the Future.

Frederick Phillips - Artist Statement: “ I seek not to reflect the visible, but to make visible. I believe that… Read More

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