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Beautiful products and gifts in aluminium. Built to last. Al ittle different


Products and gifts in aluminium. Generally using planished and polished techniques but also using LASER marking/cutting to create a range of aluminium can art. Flexibility of products to suite your location. Read More


Contemporary handmade wrought iron and woodwork, designed and made by artist-blacksmith Maixne Hunt. Ranges include gardenware, furniture and giftware using a blend of both traditional and contemporary techniques. Read More


Sara Budzik Making

Snail Lady


Snails and slugs seem to have our nation of buyers divided, they either love them or loathe them! I’m working hard to improve the reputation of these vulnerable and fragile beings that we share this earth with! Read More


I am a self taught artist, living in Hampshire, working predominantly in pastels, pencils and acrylic inks. Read More

Spiked Bullrush Bird Bath

Little Duck Forge

Artistry in Iron


I am a blacksmith/designer working in steel and glass in my forge in Portsmouth. I love colour but don't like painting metal so get colour into my work through other materials like glass and ceramics. Read More

Amanda Glanville 2

The Earring Cafe

Amanda Glanville: Maker of Tiny Glass Stuff


Amanda's Tiny Glass Stuff provokes squeaks of delight from all ages. Collectable and affordable, each piece is made within a range with tiny quirks that make it unique. Read More


Melissa’s Melting Pot

Handmade, simple and beautiful glass artwork made by Melissa Keskinkilinc


I am a glass and enamel artist, based in the Midlands. Having spent my childhood by the sea, memories of that time are reflected in my work. I am inspired by the world around me, and I have used my glass work to explore the world around me as a… Read More

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